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Stay away from everyone 🤒

VZN (vision)

The PoC is working! I got rid of MobX and introduced custom tracking layer. The framework blueprint got down to ~10kb (before compression) and the DX has improved 10x 🎉


I started sharing some code samples on Twitter, but here you can get a sneak peak if you missed it 😉

Ember Rollbar Client

The addon is being prepared for a total rewrite. The API will be simplified to minimum, and new capabilities will be open, eg. full support for Ember Engines.


🤓 What I've learned


You can hide any HTML element by adding hidden attribute to it.

  <h1>I am visible!</h1>
  <h1 hidden>I am hidden!</h1>

🤯 Interesting things

Next.js 10

  • Image component
  • Commerce
  • Analytics
  • Fast refresh for MDX
  • The fixed API of Link component
  • Blocking rendering

They nailed it! 🚀