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🚀 Updates

Weekly updates migration

Weeklies have been migrated to my own website 😃. Big thanks to @sweetbatat for doing this! ❤️

Now it is fast as hell, weeklies are written in MDX, built-on top of Next.js and deployed to Vercel.


VZN (vision)

I improved the the global context handling, store owner, and settled on a very simple router (for the start). Also I found a way for implementing element modifiers known form Ember or Swift. More blast is coming!


Ember Snippets

Snippets has been updated with latest ember imports. Before you would like to import sth manually try im[WHAT_I_WANT] 😉

Git Commits

Updated with small perfofrmance boost.


🤓 What I've learned


Global context is a common pattern for many JS libs. Taking into account that JS is single-threaded it actually works without leaks with async operations.


People don't see a difference between JSX and React. JSX is a makrup language (syntax) built on top of XML. It can be transpiled/compiled to anything similar like well-known Markdown.

The fastest route is not always a straight line


🤯 Interesting things

Tailwind Play

Fall in love with Tailwind before you even install it.


Edge in Vscode

Now you can forget about switching between Chrome and Vscode to get a preview of your markup.


Awesome resource for JS newcomers


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