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🚀 Updates

Ember Await is evolving

Updated to latest version, refactored, and prepared for adding a built-in caching layer.


Git-commits is growing

1000 new installs (not downloads) in a month 🎉 Hitting over 7k! A few improvements have been made related to Windows support and performance.


Meet VZN (vision) my new experimental JS framework.

No virtual DOM, no complex patterns, simple and straightforward usage. SSR, SSG, tree shaking, code splitting capable.

It is using dom-expressions which compiles JSX into pure JS execution statements. The reactivity layer is built on top of MobX.

  • Performance? - Top 10. (faster than React, Vue and Ember).
  • DX? - Your kid could use it.
  • The catch? - Its an experiment. I am learning while doing.
  • Interested? Please help me make the VZN come true!


🤓 What I've learned


Have you ever heard of someone building a skyscraper on the foundation of a single-family house? No? So, why do you build software on top of architecture that was only meant to fulfill the MVP needs? Develop products and rethink the code. Not the other way around.


You need to assume your idea is broken from the begging. Even if it is a good one, that's the only way to prove it. Find all bad things about it and try to convince yourself that this is not the right way. If you failed, then it means that it is the right one.

TypeScript has an assert keyword to check your type assertions


🤯 Interesting things

Do you need a CSS animation? No need to write it yourself. NO CODE!


Test your JS algorithms performance and compare it with others


Top JS repos. I bet you didn't know about them!


Great list of learning resources