← 🗓️Change of plans

🚀 Updates

Git Commits

Git Commits now has the avatar cache (less requests, fastest avatars load). Now it shows 30 commits by default in a list, and display Empty message when there is no commits - so you know it works ;) Also now it supports custom path of Git, and finally - works on Windows! 🎉 Try it out!



Wazapp idea is evolving. Now I got back to do some further testing with Glimmer. However it looks like that dynamic imports are not yet implemented there. Beside having full build pipeline ready with code splitting, tree shaking and optimization, the imports are still a weak point.

🤓 What I've learned

Emoji cursor

We can use SVGs, images or Emojis as CSS cursor 🤯



Playing with Raspberry a lot and discovering the power of docker. Recently I found out about Traefik. The reverse proxy to manage all the containers.


🤯 Interesting things

The best tool for drawing in the internet!


NO CODE tool for building websites


Simple color generator


😂 Fun

Your next privacy policy checkbox!