← 🗓️☀️ Holidays special!

🚀 Updates

I've been traveling all two weeks across Poland 🇵🇱🚘 and these are my findings:

This is how growing garlic looks like 🐝

DPTA DFaC is not a public restaurant beside great rating and nice looking food 😅

Reserved for US Army soldiers only!


Camping === offroad. If you think your car will not make on top of the mountain you don't know your car.

Yes, a combi is a great SUV for offroad in Poland. Climbed every mountain (no road, rocks, trunks), reached every lake side. Honestly, why people buy SUVs?

There is a lot of hidden gems is western Poland

And a proof that there is a lot of greenish/blueish lakes in Poland as well

No, need to visit Moraine or Peyto lake 😅

Baltic sea is nice, but

for one day. Cold, overrated, too much tourists.

If you don't have a boat,

Masurian lakes are not for you.

The most beautiful region of Poland is Suwalki 🎉 and the east.

Wild, clean, with crystal water and, no tourists and beautiful nature.

🤓 What I've learned

I finally know how to make a perfect blur in web apps like on iOS

.perfect-blur {
  backdrop-filter: saturate(180%) blur(20px);
  background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.72);

  @media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {
    background-color: rgba(29, 29, 31, 0.72);

I can use matchMedia in JS as well.

Useful for checking or reacting to device screen width/orientation.

Background clip

It is a game changer for transparent borders and gradients 😉


🤯 Interesting things

Bunch of patterns for layout with Next.js


CSS percentage explained like a boss 😎


Awesome tool for code snippets images


🤣 Fun

No more words. 100% true.