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🚀 Updates

Personal website

  1. Optimizing images Implemented webP, JPEG fallback. srcSet incremental loading are incoming 😃
  2. SEO OG tags and meta landed. ****DNS redirections still in progress.
  3. Use Wazapp! Even if not need, it is a great occasion to test how Wazapp impacts the performance for static things. After first try I think the drop was 100% → 99%, but that may be affected by other things as well. More investigation is required.

Wazapp 👽

  • Props are accessible as argument in component template(props)
  • Worked on GUID helper which finished as an util.
  • No more defining keys when iterating over list of items.
  • Documentation for helpers, utils, service packages.
  • The tracking will need to be rethink again. Should it re-export MobX, or just be very selective of what to export? Maybe MobX shouldn't be connected with tracking at all? The API still needs to be shaped here.

🤓 What I've learned

I discovered the power of picture , multiple src and WebP format

Use WebP for all images and JPEG as fallbacks for Safari


If its not an image then what? A figure!


🤯 Interesting things

Next plugin example

Very easy, but actually really simple. Compare that to Ember-Cli postprocessTree and contentFor


JSX to DOM Expressions

Tell me one more time why you hate JSX I will send you this link.


DETR - mind blowing object detection


MobX on steroids (w/o React!)

The future of 👽Wazapp?


🤣 Fun

any are you ok?

Now, every time you will type "any" as a type using TypeScript, you will hear this and think twice 🤔❓