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🚀 Updates

Ember Await

A few important updates. New features and bug fixes.


Wazapp [TBA]

I did a comparison of Ember vs React, and it turned out there is almost not difference if you apply ember's pattern to react.


Personal website

New website is coming! Simpler, only what matters.

Learning Next.js

Continue discovering new things in the ecosystem. Trying to finalize all-in-one (but basic) blueprint for new Next.js app. Possible as a base example for Wazapp.

Weekly updates

Oh yeah... and I started weekly updates ;) its the first one! 🚀

🤓 What I've learned

Browsers do not support CSS hyphenation in all languages


Difference between prepublishOnly , prepare and prepublish in package.json


User Timeing API - great way to messure app's performance


🤯 Interesting things

SpaceX docking simulator


Tech writing - something that I'm gonna improve